Why do you Gagers over complicate asking out people?

I can't help but laugh at these long ask Takes about askign people out.

All you ladies have to do is this:
"Hey you're hot, wanna go out?" He'll say yes or reject you.

All you guys have to say is this:
"You, me, 2PM Monday at Wendy's" She'll either say yes, change the time or reject you.

You don't need to long talk her/him just for a damn date. During your date just chat about random fun stuff and avoid negativity. There you have it Gagers... a simple pick up and a fun time.


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  • Yeah, it's not that simple. A lot of people struggle with approaching others which why some of the Takes prove to be helpful. There's also the fear of rejection. Some people don't deal well with it and so they avoid doing things that may cause it. This isn't as black and white of an issue as you may think.


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  • While I think people over-glorify the asking out process, I also think you're oversimplifying it. I've actually tried your approach and the problem with it is that the person doesn't have much to go by except your looks. Especially, as a guy, unless you're really attractive, your looks usually won't generate enough attraction Mathematically speaking...

    I heard that if men rate the average woman a 5/10, on the same scale, women rate the average man 2.5/10, purely on looks. What can be deduced from this however is that looks account for about half as much of a man's attractiveness, than as a woman's. Status, confidence, wealth, charm, wit, humor, etc account for that other half.

    Why I bring this up is, men have a lot more chance of getting "accepted" if they talk to the woman for 10-15 minutes first and establish that they possess those other qualities that make up for the other half of attractiveness evaluation, and show that they're a high-status, confident, charming, witty, and funny man, since again, looks alone don't do as much for men as they do for women.

    Which I think personally is good and bad. It's bad because it may be a lot more effort, however it's good because that also means we have more active control over our attractiveness as opposed to women's attractiveness which a lot more of is determined by genetics and things they can't control.

    Anyway, this is just a hypothesis I formed which I've heard a few other people say and I know I went off on many tangents. But the short answer is that it's probably better to talk for 15 minutes or so at first or even have a couple short sessions of where you're just talking/flirting, again so the woman has more to go off of than just looks when evaluating your attractiveness.


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  • wow, u really think this is how to ask someone out?
    lol r u in a relationship yet?

    not everyone wants just a 'pick up and a fun time'. maybe that's why these lines won't work for that. sorry.

    • I think you read it wrong. I'm saying people just need to get to the point, have a fun positive date and if they enjoy each other go out again learning more about each other. Relationships and dating are only hard because people over complicate them.

    • well id agree in that people need to be straightforward and not overcomplicate things, i was also just trying to get at not 'oversimplifying' it either.

      but yeah i can understand that view.

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  • Your straightforward, in-your-face approach only works for REALLY good looking men, and average to good looking women. For others, it's gonna backfire in most cases.

  • no I don't

    You, me movies tomorrow! ?

  • That's just the society we live in unfortunately, just a simple hey can I get your number, want to get dinner sometime, etc, etc.

    Though most people now a days are more interested in screwing then anything else so -shrugs-

  • It works for some but it don't work for everyone. Everyone is different. Some of us can't ask out easily

    • Sure you can dude. Dress nice, learn good body frame, learn some social skills, walk outside and ask a random girl of interest out for a date. 50/50 chance of her rejecting or accepting you.

    • do you really think it's that easy? Some of us aren't so brave