I attract girls with horrible past. Is that good or bad?

So for a while now all the girls I've either dated or just had an interest in all have had a shitty life in their past. They all have been sexual assualted by their fathers, some sexual assualted boyfriends, one in particular had a really controlling and manipulative parther that made her cut ties with family, and a lot have/had depression and thoughts of suicide. Personally I find nothing wrong with any of them. They're all sweet, kind, and cute. They've just hd a really rough start throughout life.

I'm just curious if the fact that I seem to be a magnet for girl likes this is bad thing. I mean I consider myself to be a nice, decent guy.


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  • Okay, the first person who commented 'abundantlyrich' is a terrible person for saying that you have "low standards" or that you're "seriously messed up inside and can't admit it." just because you tend to fall for girls who have had a hard past... as someone who has had a hard past I'm rather insulted that they would say that. I'm an extremely nice person with a bright future and sometimes unfortunately you can't help the things that have happened to you. It's not like if you were victim of rape or abuse you agreed to it.
    As for an answer to your question, I don't think that is a bad thing, there is a reason that you tend to be drawn to these type of women and a reason why they are attracted to you. We tend to either fall for partners who in the slightest may resemble a family member whether it be your mother or father has had a rough life or fall for people who are completely opposite from us who make us feel like we have a purpose in this world. As long as the woman that you like has risen from the dirt of their past as a strong, beautiful, and independent person I don't see why a relationship with them would be such a bad thing.

  • You either have low standards or you are seriously messed up inside and can't admit it.


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