I like two guys?

Hi everyone.

I'm in quite a situation right now.. I like two guys. I'm sure you've heard this before... I just can't choose between them.

Let's call them Guy A and Guy B.

So, I've known Guy A for about a year and we've been dating on and off since then. Currently, we're "dating." He hasn't talked to me in about a week and when he does, it's only for a few minutes. I think it's because he said his phone is broken, but he still hasn't got a new phone. Our relationship is an online one. I have really strong feelings for him because we've been through so much and he knows a lot about me. We have met a few times and it was some of my favorite memories. He is very nice and cute and sensitive. The only cons about him are we are online only, he has depression, he is kind of conceited sometimes (I don't think he does this on purpose), and he has a horrible past, which drags him down a lot. Sometimes I doubt he likes me because he doesn't really talk to me often anymore... But I've broken up with him before, and my feelings for him always linger. When we weren't dating, I was always hoping he would come back to me and I would get jealous everytime he talked about another girl.

Guy B, on the other hand, is a new friend of mine. We met about two months ago. He was a new kid at my school. We immediately became friends because HE made the move and asked for my number so he could make more friends. We have been texting everyday for a while now. see him everyday at school and he sits beside me at lunch. I feel like he tries to make me laugh but I'm not sure. He playfully makes fun of me and we Skype everyday after school. I've had at least 3 people tell me that he likes me. He is nice and is REALLY funny. He is very outgoing and flamboyant and talks to lots of people. The cons about Guy B is that since he is so outgoing he has a lot of friends and doesn't talk to me much during school for that reason, he has lots of girl friends, and sometimes I wonder if he doesn't like me (even though people told me he does, he doesn't really act like it sometimes..)

I know the obvious answer is Guy B but I have such a deep personal connection with Guy A. As I already said, I don't want to let go of him, but I know Guy B would treat me so much better. I don't want to hurt Guy A! Please help me!

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  • Don't go into the relation too quickly , wait for some time. Once you start with guy b.. you should be in a situation where u no more feel jealous in matters of guy a. I don't prefer anyone... avoid guy a and be friendly with guy b. Some day u will know if guy b is the right one or not.


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  • Its cool how u have given so much info. the answer (according to me) should be none of these. Feelings can b strong and guy b might not b that gud as a boyfriend. i suggest spending some time with guy b. just as a frnd. If u lyk him, u will come to understand him a lot better and his views too and that will result in bttr intimatacy (if things r well). That will help get over guy a (u said u brk up) and u can thn ask guy a out. I hope it leads 2 happy ending :)

  • What men say with pictures, women say with long passages:)


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