Did I just get dumped last night?

Long story short, I've been seeing this one guy for a month. He went away on a holiday for three months and last night we met up again. Anyway, we started kissing and at some point he started saying "I like you very much and respect you.. but it's difficult for me without sex". He basically started saying to me that he hadn't had sex for four months (including the three months he was away). I'm a virgin and wanted to wait a little bit until I was ready.
When I asked him what he meant with the "but" part, he started saying again that he likes me and respects me, then again using the BUT.. He started saying he was frustrated.

The fact, that he didn't give me a straight answer made me angry so I decided to leave.

Was he implying that we should break up by saying those things or did I overreact? (btw he didn't try to stop me from leaving at all and even slapped the door in my face)


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  • Hum.. he's basically telling you, in a "nice" way: "gimme sex or I'll dump you". That's what I read. You're right to wait until you're ready, cause it won't be a nice experience if you force yourself. Stand your ground! This dude doesn't even respect you!
    If the only thing you want is hooking up with him, go for it. But if you are hoping for more, that's not a good way to go. Get rid of him.

    • Thanks for your reply. You're right.. if he really cared about me, he would have understood instead of constantly bringing up the whole sex part over and over again. He didn't even try to persuade me to stay or even text me or call me after I had left. Thank you again x

    • You're welcome! Watch out for this kind of people. If you give them what they want, they'll mostly ditch you and you'll feel used and "dirty".