Girls, Should I slightly ignore her?

Met a girl one day. After hanging out a few times as friends she began to flirt w me as the evening progressed we got intimate if u kno what I mean. Things were going great but over time it seems like she was getting less and less interested. We don't really talk anymore. The other night she walked past me and didn't say hi. Maybe because I did the same to her after not replying to my text. About a week ago. Anyways after that I texted her asking why she didn't say hi. And she was responding quite well and fast. Should I just keep ignoring slightly and slowly work my way back in. Also I have to mention when we went on our dates I wasn't myself due to some personal issues. And am better now. Lemme kno ladies.

One time we watched a scary movie together, and the next day she said we need to watch a movie that actually scares you I was like how about Monday or Wednesday and she didn't respond I don't get that


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  • She might think that you're losing interest! Instead of trying to play petty games, if you want to be with her then just ask her out on a date. If you've just been chatting and making no plans, that to me seems like the problem. After sleeping with a guy all girls worry if it was just something casual for the guy or if you're something he's genuienly interested in pursuing, so far you've only talked a bit since you slept together and that says to her you were only interested in it casually that one time.
    Ask her out on a date again!

    • That's a possibility it's odd though how after being a "bad" texter after being ignored she responds really fast

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    • meh dont feel like talking about it :P

    • To each their own

  • Let her Text you once in awhile Now, @nik3shoes, and when she does or If, keep it lite and semi sweet so she can find you this juiciest apple way up on top of the fruit tree.
    She may be this fickle pickle, may be pulling this sneaky stunt on other guys, so don't wear your own heart on your sleeve, she cannot be trusted to know if she might Leave.
    I agree you should 'Slightly ignore her,' and let her find you once in awhile with a push of her own mind bottling button.
    Good luck. xx

    • I like the way u put that. This is certainly not a girl I trust

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    • My lack of confidence is making me doubt the signs. One girl in my class moved her seat to my row but hasn't spoken to me. However I see her looking at me and when I look at her she looks away. The other girl also sat her seat next to me but never speaks to me. She will speak to the people around me. Also noticed when I talk to her she doesn't look me in the eye. She is an anxious and shy person

    • I see, well, then she could feel you are not making a move so she isn't either. xx