Why no kiss??

So there's this boy who is one of my closest friends. In July I was having a hard time and after I explained everything I casually asked him if he had ever liked me before. He then told me that he still liked me. Well long story short but things started heating up between us. We NEVER kissed, held hands, cuddled etc. Well one night there was a dance and I dance with him at the last song "You and me" By Lifehouse and he told me the song was how he felt. I really wanted to kiss him but I didn't want to ruin anything. Later that night I called him up cause I was scared (no one was home, they were about an hour away and my house was making noise) and he calmed me down. He then said "Holly...ugh" then I said "What? tell me." "No, it would be to weird." I said "Nick, I'm yet to be weird out by you." then he said. Very confidently "Holly, I love you." I was shocked! I was quite for a minute before I said anything. Well as our conversation progressed he said he had wanted to kiss me. Since then We have held hands, he doesn't want to date me or kiss me (I haven't kissed before and he hasn't either) People say we are together but I REALLY want to kiss him. Even on his cheek! Why is he holding back? Why no kiss?


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  • All the build up about the kiss might have made him nervous. Plus, if he really cares for you he might be worried that he'll let you down and the kiss won't be what you expect or measure up.


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  • Trust me here he wants to kiss you, he's the nervous one, you need to kiss him and just take action and eventually as time goes on he will feel much more confortable around you.


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