Aaaah! Does he like me?

i need help! so there is this guy i know and i really like him! he and me didn't like each other last year at school but this year i like him and he might like me I don't know. so, he teases me and throws stuff at me. he tries to make me laugh and he tells me stories about himself. does he like me?


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  • tease and throw stuff at you. I call that bullying or maybe he on bipolar since he go from tease to making you laughing.

    but maybe him do, cause guys do bad things to girls they like and girl end up liking guy who do bad things to them.

    Nice guy that stares at you and ask how you are. ain't ever gonna get your attention.

    • Haha, he's not bullying or being bipolar! He's a very weird boy. But he's gentle with his teasing and stuff

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  • If he tells you personal stories then that's a sign he likes you, because he values you enough to tell you about his life and his person.


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