I need opinions and help... if a guy is just being nice and talking to you how do you know?

So there's a long backstory to this, but basically a guy I don't know well found out I had a crush on him and he thought I was cute but didn't want to rush into a relationship and wanted to be friends first. He's naturally kinda lazy and shy and not the type to make things happen so he didn't do much about being friends and hanging out. Long story short, I was confused and frustrated so I kind of blew up at him over text message, basically calling him out on his flakiness. I didn't know what he wanted. So then He got mad at me and said he wanted nothing to do with me because of my behavior. I apologized and then he forgave me and started talking to me. He basically asks me questions about myself and stuff I like, but how do I know whether he's just doing it to be cordial or whether he's actually interested in being friends then going further? Does the tried and true "if he is even texting you back" rule work in this situation? Or in this particular situation how would I tell? Do you think if he wasn't interested in getting to know me, he would have just said "it's okay dont worry about it" and never talked to me again (ignore my messages, etc)

Basically I'm asking how would I know if he's just feeling sorry for me or feeling bad for what he did and that's the only reason he's talking to me?


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  • he wouldn't have even suggested the idea of a relationship if he didn't think of you as a potential partner he would have suggested just being friends or just ignored the whole idea altogether there might have been some reason why he didn't want to rush maybe he wasn't sure you would workout maybe the last girl wasn't so nice or he didn't want to ruin his chances with you by going to fast

    • Can you read my question

    • i will make it simple no he doesn't feel sorry for you if a guy doesn't like you he would let you know it he wouldn't even entertain the idea of you even getting together if he didn't like you in the first place

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  • I think this friendship could grow into something beautiful but for now its just a friendship. He might like you but to have a relationship is dependent on how he feels. He has told you he doesn't like to rush so dont do it. Just take your time and let the frienship blossom and then take it from there. He is being cordial as a means in patching up the friendship and getting over the argument you guys has... YES

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