Is he just stringing me along or what? What should I do?

I have been seeing this guy for like a month or so and before Christmas he started to seem distant. While I was home he sent me a text saying he was sorry for the way he was acting and that he hopes I have fun on vacation.

I come back for New Years Eve and I text him a happy new years message and call him the next day. We talked for like 20 minutes and it was like nothing was wrong. I tell him to hit me up and we can hang out.

We texted a few days later and then yesterday he texts and is like, "When are we gonna hang out." He suggests that night or the next one. I say I have a meeting, but I can the next night after my meeting.

So after my meeting I call, no answer so I text saying I'm out and seeing if we are still on.

Me:Hey, I'm done with my thing. Still wanna do something?

Him: I do, but I'm tired.

Me: I was excited to hang out, but if you're tired you're tired.

Him:I don't think I'd be very entertaining is all.

Me: Agreed, I don't wanna hang out with your tired ass either :P

Him: Haha. Thanks ;)

Me: Get your beauty rest, handsome. BTW this is more proof you're a 90 year old man.

Him: *sigh* I know, I'm ancient.

Me If you're not a total loser you'll get a beverage with me tomorrow before I work.

Him: I might be a total loser then. I'm busy til like 3:30ish.

Me: You sure know how to make somebody feel like you're avoiding them.

Him: I know. I'm pretty good at it. I'm not actually trying this time though.

Me: well, you got my number, hit me up when we can actually hang out.

I'm really confused. Is he just stringing me along or what? What should I do?

So, I texted him and it lasted awhile. I still like him, but I don't know what to do. I'm giving him space, but I just wanna know if we are still coll. Advice?


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  • I don't think he's stringing you along,He seems to have more of a pessimistic outlook though. People tend to make more effort in the beginning and later revert to a more natural state, perhaps this is his. The ability of people to be motivated to find and spend time with each other goes a long way to defining the viability of a relationship. Now you've told him what to do, how long he takes over it will indicate the way things will be. Maybe that will be undesirable to you.


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  • Hm, sounds to me like he made other plans and didn't want to tell you. Don't call him again, let him call you and see what happens. If he doesn't call then he's not interested.