Guys, What's his problem?

so a guy friend of mine we been talking for a year he is my crush so the other day he got mad because I found out he wants to explore in college and date different girls. Pretty much he's doing one thing then doing another. He would act like he's interested In me all the time then tell people its nothing serious. But why is he mad that I found out?, my friend asked him about me and him and she told me what he said and I confronted him he seemed calm and normal but the next time I saw him he seemed like he said an attitude and my friend said he was mad at her for telling me.

Why is he mad?
If he wanted to keep his options open he should've been real and let me go. Why does he chases me when I ignore him or doesn't want to deal with him but he wants to date other girls too I don't get it why not just leave me alone for good?


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  • Stop wasting your energy on trying to find out and worry about it. He isn't worth it. Cut him completely and permanently out of your life