I'm overthinking texts again?

Yesterday we had this sporting day at uni & then he left for his home town straight after so I didn't really see him.
Then I messaged him the conversation attached. It seems pretty cute... But then he never replied & went out that night & didn't message when usually when he is drunk he does.
I know I'm overthinking things, but we casual right now & I want it to head into a non-casual direction more so I'm stressing...
I'm overthinking texts again?


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  • He is not ignoring you. One reason he did not respond is because he find nothing more to talk about with the current topic. To solve this, you can start a new topic. Don't be afraid to be the one to start the conversation. Guys love it if girls start a conversation with them. It shows them that he is somebody to you and that he can worry less about if you are comfortable with them or not. If a guy always start a conversation, he will worry that he is bothering you and that he is making you obligated to reply to his messages.

    What to do: Occasionally initiate a conversation with him. Best to start with something that is easy to respond.


    Good starter: "I have a very busy day today. From the morning to the evening, I was undertaking a difficult project that I have no prior knowledge with. Ever been in that kind of situation before?"

    Case 1:
    Him: "yeah, blah, blah, blah"
    You got something to talk about! Congratulations!

    Case 2:
    Him: "no"
    Change topic if he cannot relate his experience with yours. You will still have a conversation.


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