Am I overreacting because he didn't come pick me up?

So he lives in the city. I live about 30 minutes away. He rents a zip car and doesn't have his own.

he asked me yesterday to make plans for tonight.

he thought I would meet him in the city. I thought he would pick me up.

I told him it's too hard for me to take the bus and train now. Because on the weekend it doesn't run so often. And he didn't ask me in advance. So he assumed I would come to him and he would drive me home. And then I assumed he would pick me up.

We already have plans to spend a holiday together with some other people starting tomorrow till Tuesday. So he figured well just see each other tomorrow.

but I feel taken for granted.


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  • A gentleman would offer. That said you should have asked him to give you aride back

    • He would have given me a ride back but I didn't want to take the train to him.