Guys, do looks really matter that much?

I don't think all guys are shallow and only care about a pretty face and nothing else. However, as girls "they" tell us that that's really all that matters to y'all, and I honestly think it's a load of bull. I mean just because a girl is gorgeous doesn't mean that you connect with her on the important things. Anyway, I just thought I'd get your opinion :)


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  • Guys choosing a girl is like the FIFA world cup.

    FIFA: in order to win the world cup, you must first pass the group stage and not lose any game in the knockout stage.

    Relationship: in order to get the guy you like, you must first be decent looking, and have a great personality and character.

    Guys tend to pay more attention to prettier girls because it is relatively easy to justify and rank each girl by looks. With personality, it is very difficult since it takes a lot of time to know someone. This explains why guys first shortlist girls by looks, then personality.

    Does good looks mean anything? Yes. If you look hideous, you are likely not to be considered.
    Does good looks mean everything? No! Personality is what distinct yourself from other girls.

    Asking if looks really matter much is like asking if the group stage really matter much in the FIFA world cup. Answer is yes, it does matter. However, if you perform not as good but still make it to the round of 16, then you will need to work harder since you are facing stronger teams.

    If you look less pretty than other girls, then your personality and character need to be better than them.


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  • As an ugly woman, I can say that looks do matter.
    If you're not pretty you pretty much go unnoticed in life. Guys don't notice you or court you as much. You're just sort of there.

    But I guess if you have a nice personality you might get as close as the friendzone. However, you have to work for it and put yourself out there a lot more than the average girl

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