Guys, How do I tell you something about your best friend?

Ok so, I just hit a year in my relationship with a real nice guy. Sweet as can be but his temper can go from 0-100. I just met his best friend because he felt that he had to let his best friend meet me because he's been telling me a lot about him and i agreed to meet him. So, we met him at Longhorn. And after we had our meal my boyfriend got up to go pay and left me alone with his best friend and he started hitting on me and he came off to strong and when my boyfriend came back I didn't want to say anything and ruin the nice evening because we had more plans after dinner like a movie and some bowling. Should I tell that his best friend came off a little to strong with me or should i just let this one slide?


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  • You passed the test

    • what do you mean by that

    • I dunno but it seems he wanted to see if you would flirt back with him you should tell him and if turns out to be true then you passed and if it isn't you might have broken a friendship lol

    • I just hope it's one of them pranks. We always pull pranks on each other and this better be one lol

  • Could be the boyfriend seeing if you're actually loyal, then again the guy could maybe just have been trying to be friendly. Multiple things could have been going on here.

    • Friendly wasn't in that description he was like way beyond the friendship level. They've been best friends since diapers and they go way back. I just hope this is some kind of prank. We always pull pranks on each other but then again if it isn't he's going to be making one heck of a decision

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