Girls, is she interested in dating?

okay so I've talked to this girl for about 2 weeks and we work together and we always talk and she always looks at me and smiles and we text everyday and I had to ask if she would be ever interested in dating over text. (we agreed to hang out sometime but we are both busy) she replied "Probably only friends but like we can hangout " and I said if there is still any chance and she said "we'll see idk" is she not interested? I really like her and I feel she's interested but I don't know.

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  • " Probably only friends but like we can hangout "

    Yeah that's something I'd definitely not be saying to a guy I'm interested in... I'd only say that to someone I'm not romantically interested in.


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  • She's not interested, move on before she tries to string you along.

  • Im sorry if the truth hurts your feeling. But i do think the truth is best. So no i dont think she's interested in dating.. The last quotation is just not to say NO really harshly