Is guy not smart real deal breaker?

(I'm 5-foot-7 and I like guys that are around 5'11-6'3''), educated (I went to a great college and I'd like a guy who did the same), driven, ambitious, successful (has a great career or is on the way to one), funny, dresses well, likes to have fun, is open-minded and interesting, a gentleman (open doors, pulls out chairs, calls right on time, etc). from a girl.

this pretty much looking for smart guy, but if we think logically what are some flaw to this guy she describing. Every person have flaws if i am correct? Remember this guy is smart, there should be some weakness to her prince charming that she wanted so much.


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  • I don't put that much importance to the guy's education. I want him to be smart though. I've met my fair share of intelligent fools with diplomas.


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  • I don't think women care for math and English smarts, they want to see if you're not a sheep that follows media and a person that says ignorant things I think they just want to be challenged mentally, talk about deeper things than Kim kardashians fake ass and maybe even enlightened more
    I don't know I could be wrong

    • i trying prove that the smart guy is not that great to have. The nerd really get all girl in school?

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