Guys, Is he into me at all?

I met this guy on Coffee Meets Bagels and we met up three times in less than a week (Friday, Saturday, and then the following Friday). He has been super nice and offered to pay (he paid twice, I paid once) and offered to cook me some food. But, he never touched me nor tried to. We didn't have a single hug on any of the "dates" we went on, let alone kisses... I am pretty glad that we are taking it slow, but the situation kind of makes me wonder if I am friend zoned? Are those "dates" or were we just hanging out?

We are both in grad school in a small town, so we might be each other's only friend that are not in our programs. Thus, wondering if we are just friends (sometimes it's nice to get out of the program and hangout someone that's not your classmate... a breathe of fresh air)

After movie last night, we went to his place to have some night snack, but nothing happened, we didn't even had an "awkward moment", he just drove me straight home after food...

I know I might be over thinking this, time will tell, but just really curious. Would appreciate any feedback, thanks!


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  • Guys don't generally hang out with gals without some interest. Sounds like he is kinda slow moving, if you wanna test him out do a little more direct flirting, touching on the shoulders, forearm, thighs see how he reacts.

    • Thanks, I hope I will get the chance to, don't even know if he'll ever ask me out again :/