Why doesn't she reply?

So i'm seeing this girl (not official yet) and I think it's going quite well, but as time moves on im falling for her more and more, and i feel like im overthinking things more and more too. Recently we were snapchatting, she was getting ready to go somewhere and doing her makeup and stuff and after a few snaps back and forth she sent me a snap saying something along the lines of "why am I so tall" or something like that, to which i replied "you look beautiful, where are you off too?"

After that she didn't reply and im extremely confused, she's so hard to figure out and I can't understand why she wouldn't respond to a message like that

Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated

Thanks :)


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  • Its hard to say really cause us women can be confusing sometimes ha If she didn't reply straight away maybe it was because she was going out so it wasn't intentional that she didn't respond. Do you fee like your making all the effort and dfoing all the chasing? If so maybe just slow down a bit with how you feel about her because if not you'll be more upset if she doesn't feel the same way. If it bothers you too much just ask her where she thinks things are going between you too. Only ask if youve been going out with each other a while though

    • Thanks this helps a lot! :)

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  • I was in the same boat as you mate.
    We've since stopped being unofficially together and decided to be friends.
    What i did wrong was giving her too much of my attention she had no space and time away from me to be able to miss me. Maybe I was suffocating her and expected too much.
    Stop giving her too much compliments and time. Let her miss you, be mysterious.
    Trust me this will help.

    • Well said bro, thanks heaps