Why do guys not approach me in a romantic way?

So when my friend got drunk she said you're so pretty you're the fittest girl I ever met, I thanked her. Another guy friend told me that I looked pretty last night. Moving on again, this always happens to me as in someone would compliment me but only when they're drunk.. it frustrates me to an extent because I don't get why it has to be when the person is drunk! Help me please.


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  • Because they otherwise are sober enough to evaluate the fact that you don't seem open to being complimented. People, when they are drunk, they say exactly what they think (although technically you can still lie if the lie is what they think).

    • See I don't know how I can show that I'm open to being complimented.. do you mean they can still lie if drunk? There's no reason to say such things in the first place to consider them lying as an option?

    • They don't have a purpose to lie which is why I would not assume they are lying. There is just this misconception that "drunken people cannot lie" but technically they just say what comes to them, if what comes to them is a lie then they'll lie either way, hah.

      Technically it's just socially "odd" to compliment a random girl, or a girl you're not interested in. What if they'll think you are harassing them?

    • Fairs

  • "Sober thoughts are drunken words"

    I'm sure you're not bad looking

    • Thank you, I know I'm good looking maybe I just come across as unapproachable..

    • If you're looking for someone to chat to please message me, i love talking to new people

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