Girls, should I go for girl whilst at college?

Right, I'm a 16 soon to be 17 year old guy from the uk. And I'm at that point where I'm wanting a girlfriend. What I'm wondering is if there's any point in looking for one at college? I'm wondering this because there are also many other guys like me looking for girls, and I wouldn't say I'm the best looking, average maybe. So the girls have a lot of choice and I don't think I'd stand out. Also at 16 are girls more likely to just pick the good looking guys? Rather than the average ones? As opposed to women who are a bit older?


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  • You're obviously putting too much thought into it. You don't have to actually start looking for a girlfriend. If the circumstance happens, then feel free to proceed it. If not, then it's alright. Keep doing what you're doing.

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