Girl imitated first kiss help?


So long story short, I met this girl 3 weeks ago. We became good friends, and I told her my real feelings for her. She said she likes me as a person, but due to a bad experience didn't want to start a relationship, but rather a friendship bond first, which is understandable in today's society.

Homecoming was last night, and I drove her all around the area. XD. We ate dinner, went to the park and went nature trails hiking in suits and dresses w/ her high heels on :)

She said that it was much better than the dance, which I took as a complement since she trusted me to be alone with her in dark woods.

We went to the dance for 30 minutes then left. We went to get ice cream and at the end of the night, she said I didn't have to walk her to the door. I pulled into her driveway, she undid her seat belt, and she shocked me because she spread her arms super wide and we hugged, then she kissed me on the cheek. Now it wasn't a quick peck, but it wasn't a make-up session. Being a virgin-kissless guy I was just shocked. I should have kissed her back but was stopped in my tracks dead still.

After I left she called me twice and texted me that I could have stayed for a bit afterwards.

Does it sound like she likes me?

I know she said "just friends " a few times, but that was likely because of her bad past experience.

Thanks! by the way in our area, kiss on cheeks for just friends is not common at all.

Should be initiated, not imitated...
2nd thing is after she said "just friends" she kept saying "don't get your hopes down" and also "you never know what may happen with us 2"


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  • It seems to me that she likes you, otherwise she wouldn't attempt kissing you. Plus, she is trying to give you signs that she is interested in you. However, you should be careful because sometimes girls do such things in order to string you along.


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  • Ofkos she likes u ans since yiur area culture kissing on cheek is not treated as friendship, It means she expected some return kiss from you or you being guy to take things further..
    Go ahead and take her to a romantic place and kiss her and if she opens up, do all wonderful things she wants from you

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