Girls, What should I do if a girl (who I don't really know) looks at me alot?

I really don't know her but I saw her a lot of times, I catched her looking at me with glowing eyes several times. That looks got my attention and I got attracted to her. What should I do when I see her next time or how can I attract her too ;) (I'm so excited to talk to her but I'm afraid of rejection, I want to make sure I've got her attention too before I go talk to her)


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  • Remember that if you want a physical relationship, its cool to be friends first. Approach her as a friend and treat her like an equal. If she is attracted to you, she will be really excited you guys are friends now. If not, you just made a cute friend who might have a friend who is into you.

    • Thanks for your advice :)
      But can u give me a cool way to aproach a girl and not looking so needy ;)

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    • Kinda... but there is like 100 students in there and going for her would be so obvious that I like her :/

    • No it wouldn't. Random people talk to me all the time at school. Its totally cool

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