Where do you go to meet attractive guys post-college?

Except clubs, bars, parties, and other crowded places.


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  • I'm not a party person so the way I meet guys is through mutual friends or on dating sites.

    • Eughk I don't want to date my friend's friend... ever. Sounds messy.
      How are the results from dating sites?

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    • I say just give it a shot! you don't have to meet anyone in person if you don't want to :)

    • if you want you can message me anytime

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  • You might see some at supermarkets, local hard ware stores, banks, and gym.

    • I don't go to gyms. The one closest to be is crowded. Its really scary in there!
      The only men I see at supermarkets are dads.
      Do guys in their 20's even shop for their own groceries? because I literally never see them there.

    • I do; maybe you need to go to one of those Whole Food stores.

  • On the Subway and in dark alleys


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