Girls who like it rough?

I look really innocent people think I am a good girl I don't drink or smoke and I work really hard in life the thing is that I have been with my boyfriend for 7 months but when we do it I get really bored and not turned on I am ashamed to tell him I like to be thrown tied up or hurt a little some times a lot when having sex is this a turn of will it make him leave me?


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  • Poor dude lol, he probably thinks you like the passionate slow sex

    Tell him what you want

    • It's so embarrassing tho

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    • Good luck
      A lot of girls feel the way you do and never say anything about it

    • Ii think we just don't want to get rejected or laughed at

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  • He won't leave you but he might not do it either.


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  • The truth may shock him, it may excite him, but I don't think it's a cause to leave someone.

    • But what if he finds it gross

    • Relationships are built on trust and communication. If he says he finds it gross, you can say I want you to understand me like I want to understand you, or something like that. It's how we grow.

    • Ok thank u

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