Pls help me guys... I feel guilty as the worst person on earth... ?

1. A girl gave me signs that she likes me, she sits just near me in the class,
2. so i was going with my male friends to grab something in the market, so i asked her does she want something?
3. she said, "can i come with u?"
4. i said the space is less in the car coz my friends are also there,
5. she said its fine, then i gave her my mail and i told her to send me the topics, she gave me her notebook and i wrote it and she was happy.
6. she did not mail me, and now today after 1 week, she started sitting away from me in the class.
7. but she still looks at me from the corner of her eye,
8. why she is doing this?
pls help me


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  • And why do you feel guilty?


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  • You should talk to her, maybe she felt rejected and doesn't want to annoy you. If you like her go talk to her, it seems that she is still interested.


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