Should I go for it?

Okay so last night I met this really great guy on (please please don't judge me) none other than yik yak. He posted for like watching a movie and cuddling and I was like why not, as long as I can bring my friend and we only watch the movie, because I definitely was NOT going alone and I really just wanted out of the dorm that I've been in all day. My friend and I walked over at around 10 and got their at 10:30 when he lead us to his dorm. He was really sweet and a gentleman but he was also kind of a loner so my friend said she wasn't interested. But I would really like to get to know him more but I don't know how. We stayed there until around 1:30 am talking then left because of parietals. He engaged in conversation but when my friend started taking too much he'd ask me my input like how big my high school was or what I wanted to do with my major. The only form of communication I have with him is the yik yak post that only we commented on so should I just post a comment (no one can see except him now)? Or should I try to look him up on Facebook by narrowing down to his school or would that be weird. And we do know each other's names.

PS- A little background, there's three colleges right next to each other: a junior coed school, an all girls school, and then the huge private school across the street that I'm assuming 90% of America knows about. He goes to the well known private school and I go to the all girls college


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  • I was gonna say Facebook him or leave a note under his door. It has been ages since a girl left me a note so I think I will find that sweet :)

    • So it wouldn't be creepy if I found him based on Facebook based on his school and his first name?

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  • I'd say go for it, but be cautious, at least for a while. But I'd say the worst part of actually meeting each other is done so why not.