What do you do when you repeatedly fall for taken people, without knowing they are taken?

This has been my sorry life. The women I fall for, are almost always taken. And I come to know about their relationship status only 'after' I begin to like them. Of course, I back off because I wouldn't want to jeopardise someone else's relationship. But I don't know how I could possibly circumvent this problem. I know for a fact that women don't like it at all if a man directly asks them if they are single.

Second (and last) bump! :(


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  • watch the woman you like from far
    check who is the people around her
    or don't ask yourself direct send a woman ( friend ) to be her friend at first and then things will work out... good luck

    • Thank you, I'll try that. But it seems to much of work, though. Just hope it helps.

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