Why aren't girls responding to me?

Hi! I'm 22 and from Turkey. I've never flirted. I'm registered to some Russian dating sites. But no girls are responding to me. Even who are like me (as personality). Some girls are viewing my profile and some are not. What's the problem? I'm not bad-looking, to me I'm average. But those who are around me say I'm handsome. I'm a little bit shy, quiet, serious (not irritable) and introverted. I like reading books and articles, watching films, listening music, theology, history, philosophy and foreign politics. I know English and Arabic. I'm going to learn Russian and Persian. I'm just looking for a smart, loyal and beautiful girl to love and protect her. I'm so depressed. Sorry, I'm hating women now. Apparently, I'll have to spend my life without marriage.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You won't spend the rest of your life alone. You just need to wait until the right girl comes along :)

    • This situation makes me feel I'm stupid but I'm not.

    • You're not stupid, you just need to wait for the right person who'll be into you :)

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  • Why do you want a Russian then

    • Because Turkish girls are arrogant, ignorant, chatterer etc. to me.

    • Surely you don't think all Turkish ladies are the same. Try find something real and give ladies a chance. Some don't know how to react with men some are looking for someone specific. Just be yourself and you'll find someone great

What Guys Said 1

  • become and better man and some woman will not care for your looks

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