Do likes like NEVER get over their EX, 2 guys I've liked a lot so far just can't seem to get go of their ex-girlfriend of 5 years?

Do they ever get over it and what makes them get over it if ever? Why do I keep falling for these guys...


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  • In normal/average situations 5 years is a long time to still be stuck on an ex. You might have some slight attraction to them being unavailable?

    • nah sorry i meant do guys ever get over long relationships, this guy i really liked broke up his 5 year relationship last year and still isn't ready to date! we were friends with benefits and maybe he's just not that into me but he told me he's not looking for a relationship right now :(

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    • Alright thanks, I appreciate it. I will try. One last question: can a guy tell after hanging out with a girl a few times if he's interested at all or not? Also, how should I bring it up that I like him and are really interested in him again?

    • After hanging out a few times most guys can tell if they'd like to date you or not. Don't make it a big dramatic thing. Try to be casual but be clear and precise about what you want and how you feel.

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