What do I do in this situation?

I feel like I need to put my foot down here my new girl wants me to delete all my contacts of girls who are friends and even close friends I can't choose between my friends and my girl what do I do here I love all of them I have so many memories with all of them I don't want to lose tough because they are the ones who are there for me always we hangout all the time me and my friends I don't wanna give that up for a relationship with another girl but I like this girl so much I'm so confused what do I do should I just listen to my girl I feel like if I do that she thinks that she owns me and I'll be putting on my own collar and leash and that's a slippery slope to her telling me how to dress and act and behave do I put my foot down or just submit to it is this what a relationship takes to make work


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  • Don't delete anything, delete that girl from your life. Nobody has the right to tell you who you can hang out with. If she can't understand that you have and love your female friends as friends not lovers then you need to leave her. That's what I would do if a guy tells me to delete all my contacts..

    • Thanks for the input that's what I thought too in glad you agree with me

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  • She sounds a little bit insecure and immature. I have one or two female friends that I don't see very often now, but we are still friends.

    No girl should expect to totally exclusive. As you say, these are girls you have known as friends for a long time. If you disown them now, you may never get them back.

    Don't submit to this as you will never again have a female friend. This is her problem, not yours. She must learn to trust that friends are friends for life.


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  • Omg! You need to run from this psycho. She's so out of line and if you even think about erasing your female contacts, you are in for a miserable life with this one. If you don't run, at the very least tell her NO and if she doesn't like it she can walk away. Totally unreasonable!!

    • Thank you that's what I was thinking too I don't want to be owned by any girl

  • Sacrifice your friends over a girl, that is kind of low. Is better to keep your friends.

    • Thanks I don't wanna give up my friends either

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