Call him out/tell him that I don't like his behaviour?

If someone misses to cancel or confirm a meeting if you asked that person (no answer at all)...

would you call him/her out?
you've known each other pretty well, and the communication was very open until now and things were addressed openly... so should I call him out and tell him that i dont like it and that i think it is rude?


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  • Yes you should. I've done that in the past.
    However, speaking from experience... if his behavior doesn't change after calling him out on it the first time, it won't change the 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Just drop the guy if he doesn't get it, clearly he doesn't even care enough to remember or do anything about it. Honestly it's a waste of time to try to get someone to change their behavior, you're better off finding someone who does the things you want them to do from the start, instead of trying to correct someone who most likely has behaved that way their entire life.
    But yeah, call him out on it once. If he apologizes but still does it, move on.

    • well last time i didn't call him out, but insulted him... hmm it was too much I guess...
      the first time he did follow up, but i kind of got mad at him (my bad)

      i could have handled it a little bit better than this, but he knows that i don't like it, and i think it's rude, especially if you know each other

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    • Do whatever you want. If you feel like it won't change anything, don't. But if you feel like there's a small chance he'll listen this time, do.

    • he is from a differnet culture and does not undersand girls from my place...
      we need more discussion etc. etc. he kind of got used to it, but it's not a reason just to ignore someone...

  • I think you should tell that person in a polite manner so that he doesn't think that you sound rude or anything plus what if he/she did it again.

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