I have 2 guy best friends... and I'm in love with one of them. HELP?

Hey guys, I definitely need a little advice. I have 2 guy best friends. It's great, we hang out all the time and get along extremely well. The only issue is, I have very strong feelings for one of them. We flirt sometimes, and he has definitely gotten flirtier when he's been drinking. It's gotten to the point where I need to tell him, because of how anxious I get thinking about it. But can I without ruining the friendship I have with the two of them?
if I do end up going for it, how would you recommend doing it? Over the phone... or in person?


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  • If the guy you don't have feelings for only likes you as a friend, then he is losing nothing and should not matter to him. If you do start dating the guy you do like, will he ever get jealous that you still have another guy "best" friend? A lot guys have a problem with their girlfriends having another guy for their best friend. Your situation is different, however, since you are good friends already. I think chances are in your favour that everything will be ok and will work out.

  • i recommend in person. seeing your face while thinking about you and his feelings for you might tip his decision towards you, if he´s undecided. but if the other guy has feelings for you, you might be in for huge trouble.


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