How to help an introvert guy to relax?

Been dating exclusively for 3 months and recently he is very stress. He needs alone time to do nothing to watch TV / play video games to unwind. He hates crowded place. He also Last week we saw each other 5 days in a roll, but this week only 2. He also gave me a heads up about he is going to take next week off work and thinking of going out of town to meditate somewhere with no contact wtih outside world.

He also said he might just stay home and talk to no one. I said I hope that no one doesn't include me. He goes I don't know will see how I feel.

So far he enjoys my company as none of his ex would see him more than once a week. He loves when I massage him and cook for him. I don't know what else to help him to relax. Should I take that week as a break between us?

I appreciate all opinions just had to choose Mike cos he seems to be in my bf's head.


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  • Take it very slow, with no pressure or surprizes. Avoid phone calls, use messages. instead.

    Avoid talking when he is uncomfortable, and prefer gestures and fondling.
    Finally, don't see it as a break NOR mention it. Prepare something for just you two when he comes back.

    • Ok I won't take it as a break. When you said no surprises it does explain he doesn't seem very adventurous when we go out. It's always dinning somewhere or watch him play team sports or we stay home. Not complaining but it's a bit challenging to plan activities..

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    • Interesting read. I can totally see him in second point

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  • It's still very important to have you're own personal space and interests to ensure the longevity of a relationship. It'll make you appreciate one another even more because you'll see how much you've really connected :-)

    • Ok I won't take it personally. I guess it's good that he told me a week in advance. He seem highly strung probably make him dinner and massage his ass the next time I see him. I mean more than just ass full body lol

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    • Should I open a new question call how to make an introvert man up to face the real world? LOL

    • YES, YES do that!!! :-)

  • you'll be dumping him soon...

  • Do you realize how pathetic this is? Tell him to man up, unless you really enjoy baby sitting an adult


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