I'm in love with a demisexual panromantic and she is in love with me. what we do?

I have a friend who is demisexual panromantic. We've only been friends for 5 months but we have developed feeling for each other. We haven't do anything sexually yet. We've even slowed down our activities. Her friends/roomates have been trying to stop the relationship all together due to the nature and our age gap she 19 I'm 33. They even went to my place of employment and filed a complaniant on her behalf. She did say, "she was 100% not on board with the complaint." We've only spoken once since complaint. So what do we do?

  • should we cut our loses?
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  • should we wait an see what happen?
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  • should we tell everyone f@$! off and do our own thing?
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  • Please explain what a demisexual pararomantic is?

    • panromantic demisexual is a person who is attracted to any gender (whether it be transgender, straight etc), but they will have to establish a deep friendship before they feel any attraction towards the other person.

    • So... in your case... she's basically just someone who wants to be good friends with before dating. If you want to date her then be her friend, I guess. And in like a year then you can date?

    • I know around April 15. she had a panic attack. She grabs me and held me and as I held her. She feel so comfortable and at rest in my arms time slipped away. and from there, we began talking more. I earned a level of trust in her that most people would take years to gain.

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  • Hmm she's an adult and her friends are pretty shitty to do that to you it's her business who she dates... big age gaps are fine as long as both parties are adults


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