Is this something I should be so insecure about? Honest opinions please don't be scared?

What can I do to get over this? At least a little bit. I'm half way cute.. people actually compare me to Megan Fox, she's 100 times more gorgeous but I take it as a compliment. I have an alright personality, mostly just calm.. a twisted sense of humor :P.. I'm half way intelligent. I have morals and am in a lot of ways an alright catch.

But I'm hella flawed tho of course. Both inside and out but my main problem that has me so insecure is my body. C section scar stretch marks hair on my stomach and back.. I'm really insecure about my... I've got big lips and it's not attractive at all. My ex told me he'd always heard that means 'she' sleeps around and actually googled it to see if it's true. Every since that I feel gross.. I hardly have an booty , almost have no curves. I'm 5' and 95lbs. I can't really change any of this. I don't know if it bothers most guys or not.. Would it honestly? My most recent ex was pretty blunt about everything and shallow, he told me none of it bugs him at all aside from when he felt the need to Google that. Ig mostly shallow about what other people see tho I don't know
Anyways please be honest, would that gross u guys out? Or am I just being a spaz? Be honest!!!

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  • Tons of guys like petite women like yourself, and most of your issues aren't even that bad. A lot of them are fixable. Going to the gym can help you get a booty and become more confident in your body. Body hair can easily be removed, and a quick search on this site will show you that guys don't care about stretch marks and stuff like that.

    If your ex was dumb enough to believe that a physical trait that is out of a person's control says anything about a person's personality, he's probably borderline retarded. Big lips are a sign of beauty anyways. That's why so many celebrities get shit injected into theirs to make them bigger.

    • Well thank u :) but u missunderstood my question a little bit, I didn't mean those lips I meant my downstairs

    • Ah gotcha. Well you can do a quick search on that as well on this site and you'll see that guys don't care about that either. What I said about him being a dumbass for believing that still stands though :)

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