What should I do im 22 he is 41?

okay so i been dating this guy from my job for 2 months he is amazing i have never been with someone like him. it all started by him asking how old i was and i asked him as well i guess his age 32 he said yes im 32 so I've been thinking this entire time that he is 32, and after that i was that one that started flirting and talking to him. NOW he just came back from his vacation i meet with him yesterday and he kept on saying that he is too old for me and asking if my father going to be okay with it, if he is going o get mad i told him yeah he is going to be mad at first but he has to accept it because i choose who im going to be with not him and he wouldn't stop saying that he is too old and i asked is why he thinks he is too old or is that im too young for him? and he said you are not too young for me but im too old for you... hmm okay and then he told me he wasn't 32 that he was 41 i was just in shock i was like " shut up what are you talking you lying" and i asked for his id and yeah born on 1974 the same year my mom was born OH MY FUCKING GOD im was and still im in shock i asked why did he lie and he apologise he say that it was just a game that i said he was 32 and he was like yeah sure im 32 but that he didn't think that anything was going to happen between us. i just could get over it and kept asking him why did he lie and he said that he didn't mean too and he said " i know you don't like me or feel anything anymore because you looking at me differently " . i don't know what to do he lie to me and he is that same age as my parents!!! i really love being with him i have feelings for him but i don't if i should stay dating him or continue i mean i do want to be with him but he lie what my parens are going to think? i choose who im going to be with but i care for my parents opinion what should i do stay with him after that lie? if your daughter is dating someone your age what would you and think?


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  • If you want a long-term relationship with him it can work, and you could have a wonderful life, but you should think about how you will feel in 30 years when you are 52 and he is 72. Do you want children? Does he? Is he prepared to be putting children through college in his 60s?

    Nothing wrong with this relationship, but before you get really serious there is a lot to talk about. But that's true of all relationships.


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  • He can't control the year he was born.
    However, you're an adult you have to do what's best for you.
    Realistically, your parents won't like all of your decisions.

    Honestly, If I were old enough to have an adult daughter I'd rather her date someone my age (40ish age range) than some 20 year old guy that didn't treat her right.
    It may take some getting used to... but if he proves himself I'm pretty sure their feelings will pass.