Girls, How do you get a guy's attention that doesn't seem to notice you?

Notice me as more than just a friend


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  • Be a bit more friendly with 'Just a friend,' give More in store Helpful hints with no hymning nor hawing. Eye contact and a lot of smiles will show him you have new moves and grooves and new kind of styles.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks :) It's hard though, cause he is really cute. I followed you!

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    • thanks :) :)

    • So welcome, sweetie. xxoo

  • If you have talked to the guy and he shows no interest, why bother? He obviously isn't interested in you or isn't attracted to you. I don't know anything you can do to change that while still being yourself. My advice is to turn your eyes away from that one guy that's just not interested, and find guys who are. I'm sure there is a great one out there you are overlooking by being loveblind.