Is he seeing other girls?

I'm seeing a guy, and several friends have been telling me I'm being naive and he's probably seeing other girls. ... suggestions on how I could possibly find out?
I did ask him (in a non-accusing way) and he said he hardly has time for me, let alone anyone else. He really does work a lot. .. but this would be a great excuse for a lie, too.


I know a girl he used to date and she told me that he had told her at one point that he likes to date white women (which I am ) because they are more naive and easier to manipulate.
I take this with a grain of salt, since she's an ex (who says good things about their ex, typically? ) but still starts to make me mad...


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  • I would ask your friends to give evidence or shut up

    • Lol, thanks. It's true, there's no evidence! So I tell them they plant these seeds of doubt, but for nothing.

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    • No, I know it's not that. They really are trying to look out for me.

    • OK, the thought just crossed my mind

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  • Based on your update, that guy doesn't sound like a good choice for you. What does your gut/instinct tell you to do?


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  • yes, i'm seeing other girls. sorry babe

    • Thanks, you sound just like him :)

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