Guys, could you please tell me if my boyfriend is mature to you or not and what kind of guy is he like due to the description?

He is 19 years old, he has started working recently and he wants to get married quickly with me and I said I wanted too but not now and he got upset and he is still trying to make me get married cause he want it.

He doesn't know how to respect completely other people preferences in music nor tv programs.

He pretends to be dumb at some matters when he is not.

He is very observative and can tell how poeople are with just looking at them in the eyes and reading their body language.

He is hardworking indeed, overly cheesy, clingy and possesive also over protective.

He believes that marriege is something in where people are always happy and love each other till growing old.

Once he was boxing with the punching bag and as I passed by he hit me accidentaly cause he said he was blinded with the idea of beating up a guy whom had touched me by force and he was sorry for such.

He doesn't like me making male friends at all nor guys looking at me.

He has been trying to teach me how to defend myself from men so he shows me techniques and moves (In my personal opinion guys really fight differently from girls which is pretty awesome)

He has a lot of malice as well as in he knows much of it and its very attentive to people and his surroundings.

\(O. O) / Hope this does help pretty much for you guys to help me. Thanks.


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  • I'd say he still don't have enough experience to get married and should wait till he's more experienced. 19 is too young and some behaviors of his that you described may still change.

  • He sounds like an absolute dickhead.