I had a great time with this girl last night but feel it might of been just a one night thing?

first off we didn't have sex so it wasn't a one night sexual thing. what happened as i was out of town in this city for the weekend. its a couple hours south of where i live and has a large univeristy and lots of younger women. even though i'm a bit older than them i look younger than my age of 30 and seem to fit in there at least at pub and country bar i went to. last night i was at this country bar and saw this group of 4 girls and a couple of them were just stunning in there early 20's very attractive.

so i decided i wanted to meet them and sort of hung out near where they were until i got there attention and they started to pick up i was into them. the one like danced near me for a while and looked insanely sexy when doing so. eventually at some point we actually meet and talked and i got the feeling the girl i was really into was into me as well. at some point we like actually danced together and i was touching her and she was touching me but we were both somewhat drunk by that point.

i go to a lot of bars but honestly don't dance or get that physically close to girls on her level that often. i was really enjoying it and even started to wonder if we might end up having sex that night but nothing happened once bar finished for night. she also told me she just lives there for school and actually lives in another city that is only 1 hour from where i live so maybe i might see her again but really feel it was just a one night thing. i don't know if i should just accpet it for what it was and maybe considering the fact i don't even live there or even knew this girl before last night that was all i could of hoped for anyways from that night out but feel frustrated cause i did like her and maybe we could be something more i don't know


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  • I don't think she sees a future for you

    • weird this happened almost 2 years ago now , did see her again once in the city she actually lived in at a different country bar and we did talk that night but I don't recall seeing her again

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