Is he full of bs?

Had a major fight with my boyfriend, and he told me he needs to "process everything." I let him cool off for a few days and called him and said let's talk. He said there's nothing to talk about, this just happened. He said he didn't have time to think about things yet and I need to be patient. Is he full of crap? It's not like I schedule time in my day to go think about something; I just naturally think about things as I go about my life. I feel like he's avoiding the situation or leaving me hanging. I love him and don't want this to end at all, but this is driving me crazy and pissing me off.


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  • As guys, we decide to take our lives one thing at a time. Personally, if I'm at work, all I think about is work. If I start to concentrate on something else, I'll just dawdle around without knowing and my boss will get pissed. If he's been really busy, he just needs to find free time to process the information. Women think about everything at once while men tuck all emotions away until they have time to actually sort through said emotions. It's just how we operate. To sum up, he's not full of BS (most likely) and you should just give him more time.


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  • Sounds like his way of avoiding the issue at hand. He sounds kind of passive-aggressive, which isn't very healthy in a relationship. I think it's bs and you should call him on it.

    • I definitely agree he's avoiding the issue. I would like to call him on it, but I'm supposed to "be patient" and give him space. ... for how long?
      I'm kind of getting more pissed at him as the days go by. I love him, but we are way too old to be playing stupid games like this.

  • So you slut it up behind your BF's back and he breaks up and now your pissed?

    • Nope, that wasn't it at all

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  • Was it your fault or was it his fault? Do you still put worth in your relationship? Do you think it can be saved?
    If it was your own fault, be patient for a while.
    If your answer is "no" to the next questions, don't waste more time and break up with him.

    • It was my fault. I love him a lot and definitely think our relationship is worth saving, but I don't know if he feels the same.