Girls, how to play the game with this girl?

I met a girl. Long story short we had sex and dated and hung out for bout 2 weeks. Then she kinda went cold. One day after watching a movie she said "we need to watch a movie that actually scares you" I was like ok how about Wednesday and she didn't respond. 2 days later I saw her across the street looking into my room while I was walking she waved at me. I didn't go up and talk I just waved and went on with my day. On Thursday her friends walked past me and she didn't say hi. I saw her flirty pushing the guy she was with. However I kno he is gay. So I texted her and said I saw her. We texted all the next day with her not replying. Today she texted me and asked if I was at my apartment. I said nah because I was at my parents house. What the hell is she doing. And how do I keep playing the game to possibly get back with her? by the way I'm not pressed and have sort of lost all feelings for her. It's just gonna be a fun experience to see what happens.

The text when I saw her was after a week of no texting


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  • Id say if u still want give her one more chance, ak her out if she keeps quite act like a dumdajg stay away