How can I make sure that girl is not easy girl?

I've met her at party it was like school party, I hooked up with her, kissed and danced. We exchaned numbers and so on.

Went to first "date" and it was amazing to be with her after I walked with her to bus. She texted me if I find way back, which was really sweet of her.

Now we are texting and so on, but how can I know if she's really interested and not some kind of easy girl which goes out with every guy.

At the end of date I texted her after.. It was nice and so on, see you on Sunday in my city name :)
Her reply was: yes it was nice yes and yes i'll try to do my best haha :D


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  • Umm so you hooked up with her the first day you met her and you are really asking if she is easy or not? That's sort of hypocritical in my opinion.


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