Am I good enough? why am I worried?

I am worried for future boyfriends because I feel like I'm not good enough. I'm attractive ( I'm told a lot how pretty I am etc) it's not my looks that worry me it's my financial status. I'm in college with a lot of debt with a retai job. I'm worried I won't bring anything to the relationship ): I mean I know I'm doing something with my life but why do I feel not good enough? I would date a guy who wasn't in college or with a degree as long as he has a decent job. What do you guys think?


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  • I think you can start worrying about that stuff once you graduate. Most college students are in debt because of student loans. They also don't have careers yet. You want financial stability from an older man. What you need is to graduate and make that financial stability for yourself.
    Relationships are about more than money, anyway.

    • yeah i have way to much debt. I'll be paying it off for many years. I just don't want a guy to look down on me.

    • If he went to college, wasn't a genius with full-paid scholarships, and didn't have rich parents, he'll have some debt too.

    • And if he looks down on you, you then know he's not the right guy.