Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who is AntiSocial Personality Disorder?

Not everyone with this personality disorder is a psychopath but they all lack empathy. You may not even recognize it because some of them realize their fault and fake it. Others are just plain cruel and don't know it.

They are only cruel to people they have nothing to gain from, to the ones that they do they manipulate. They will knowingly ruin your life for personal gain. They will make you feel small to keep you being with them. They will suck you dry then when you have nothing left to offer they will leave.

If this sounds like someone you are in a relationship with RUN.

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  • Does a cheater fall into this category?


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  • I've never been with anyone like that. Not even close :/

    Are you?


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  • It isn't anti social disorder its actually a sociopath. Anti socials are just that but still have empathy

  • Yes, i dated 2 (ex) girlfriends, who had mental health issues and it was hard cause of their Anti-social behavior i know i have mental health issues myself but i gotta the
    lover boy syndrome i call it and i really do like real love in a relationship

  • Not me.
    Did it happen to you?


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