He's so hard to read help, sorry its long?

This guy that initated flirting with me is so hard to read. Well he intiated flirting awhile ago. He lives in another state than me for the time being. flirted saying all this stuff ill be his girlfriend lets get this relationship started, ill marry him one day and even sent me flowers. I went to visit spent a week. He was nothing but amazing. Treated me like girlfriend dinner, shopping, calling babe kisses, love u, all the cute romatic stuff when u first fall in love holding hands in car rides all the good stuff. reall treated me amazing and like a boyfriend. Well i went home and he said he wasn't ready for anything. Freind told me he was cheated on and he doesn't trust people which really messed him up and he just got all messed up. Anyway been home talk everyday for the most part got home we both initated goodnights, mornings etc. We always even get sexual lol He sent me something i forgot there with note saying miss ya. Then i started initating where he didn't need to. I then stoped for a few days he was busy and then he texted me and we have been everday since. I know he isn't or wasn't ready for anything. Last night he texted me saying hey babbby and proceeded like we normally do then he said which im sure it was jokingly even tho our freind told me today too that if i ever thought baout dating the freind which then he put lol because me and him know something about our frein thats weird. Anyway just thought it was weird. WE then continued to talk and we got sexual again as always lol saying we wish one another was there, and before that he asked if i was ever coming back down again which i said yes to and he said good. Not sure ehat that is all about. he's so hard to read sometimes. and iknow my freind said he does the tinder thing for random hookups which i can't stop bc we so far and not official but I don't know. he's so confusing acting this way and then the other. What do his actions say or the way he talks say to anyone. i really like him and want something eventually.

Could he be scared to commit, still want to have his fun or maybe even the distance is holding him back from it all. Some stuff seems like one thing and then the other makes me think something else. My gut tells me not to give up


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  • He's not serious