My friends keep saying how me and my ex were such a cute or good couple and saying that we should get back together how do I respond to that?

hen me and my ex broke up we decided to stay friends that was last year since then we have become very close again and my friends are saying that we should get back together or that we made the cutest couple or even things like they just wanna see me happy again I love them to pieces but I dont know how to tell them its not going to work out besides I'm almost positive my ex doesn't have feelings for me although I still have some for him in sure he still has an eye for this other girl how do I tell them that we probably won't ever get back together?


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  • You say "been there, done that"


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  • Tell them that it simply didn't work out for you and you would prefer it if they didn't keep commenting on it because you're not interested in him anymore.