How can I make sure he doesn't want me just for sex?

I met this guy a few years ago and I wasn't attracted to him or anything then. As time passed he started talking to me more and more and we met up at concerts here and there. I could tell a few times by the way he was touching me he wanted to sleep with me. A couple times me and my friends crashed over at his hotel when we were out of town. He's been such a nice guy and offers to pay for me a lot, I kind of got the hint he liked me. I've been treated really badly by some guys I've dealt with in the past and he seemed to treat me the best I've ever had, so I gave it a chance.

Its been a few months since I've slept with him and ever since he's wanted to make plans to see me every weekend. He's not the best looking guy and he knows I'm better looking so he acts like he's so lucky. Everythings been fun but lately I've bene thinking about how strongly he feels about me. It seemed like at first he was way into me more than I was into him, but now I'm not so sure.

This weekend he took me to a drive in theatre and was obsessed about covering the windows with sheets so we could bang - it was like he wouldn't stop until It was perfect. It's almost like he's prioritizing sex over everything. I love having sex but I'm just worried that the sex is his favourite part and that as a person I'm not that great and he'll eventually leave. Not sure if it's just me or if it's a real gut feeling. How can I tell if he really likes me for me?


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  • First of all, "offers to pay for me a lot" says something, that you are understanding what a man does. He ALWAYS pays for the date and her transportation expense if any.

    If you want to know what else he wants you for, I don't know, ask him to marry you or give you a baby and see what he says. Buy a house together.

    If you have doubts, then those doubts will only grow over time and will destabilize what you do have. You have already accepted that the relationship is going to end, so you can either end it now or keep having the sex until one of you finds someone else.


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