Why am I so mean to my boyfriend?

I have the nicest long distance boyfriend I live in California and she lives in Pennsylvania we have met before and we have a nine month relationship with text sweet messages everyday all day and we talk over the phone during the whole day but when we Skype at night I always end up saying mean things to him, that hurts him, afterwards I always feel bad how do I stop being a BH to him?


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  • You probably take him for granted. You should stop doing that, otherwise you're going to end up losing him. You should treat him in the same way you want to be treated. He is not a secondary being. He's a human-being like you are. Please, stop being a bitch to him.

    • Thank you you made think and you're right I need to treat him like I want to be treated

    • I am glad about it : ). Best of luck with everything.

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  • You can just stop being a bitch, and think before you speak.


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