Why did he skake my hand?

I really care for this guy I know at school. we have known eachother a year now and have become very close. College can be hard but he's help me through a lot. At first I had no romantic felling for him but he did for me, then he just about lost hope when I started liking him. He told me he loved me in February and I wasn't really ready to say it back. After that he started egnoring me for a month and come to find out it was because of some lies my roommate told him. We cleared that up but then he told me he had tooken a job in Alaska for the summer. He said it was for the best because I was going through ba hard time and needed time to heal and he needed time to get financial stability but that we could start over when we where both ready. Well we didn't talk for the first month of the summer and I started seeing someone else. When the semester started he and I went back to being friends but a week ago I broke up with the other guy in hopes to start over. Now everthing is at a standstill. Today at church I gave him a b'day present. It was a picture of us at one of the most special days of my life. He was very happy to have it and said it was a wonderful gift and he was so happy to have gotten it. But there was still this awkward feeling. And after a moment this got worse. I was expecting a hug, instead he held out his hand for me to shake. I was confused but I took it and he held on for a sec before letting go and going into the chapel for church. Why did he shake my hand? Does he not Care? Was he just feeling awkward? Was it because we were at church? What should I do?


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  • I think that maybe he's not sure what you want just yet and doesn't want to make you uncomfortable...

    • Wel I suppose. I dont believe I made it very clear.